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TOUR 2024



The Home Edition is an artistic research, where Thomas of Norway brings repertoire out of traditional venues, and into private homes. The work is a part of Thomas of Norway's focus on sustainable art practice.

The Home Edition is aimed at private individuals and into private homes. Stage lights and dance floors are replaced with more everyday surroundings, in search of what choice of space does to the performance. Through conversation and dialogue with the audience, experience and knowledge is built that will contribute to the development of what Thomas of Norway's productions may look like in the future.


The Home Edition is part of Thomas of Norway's focus on increased sustainability. It involves, among others, not only producing new work, but also exploring the potential of the repertoire that already exists. 


In 2019, the performance When Boys Cry was tested in a private home for the very first time, with an interest to explore what a private space could add to the performance. In 2022, Thomas of Norway was touring in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, where five performances was offered to private individuals through an open call. The project was very well received by the audience. Thomas of Norway is therefore pleased to announce another five free performances in 2024. 




Home should be a safe place, but we know that many experience violence and abuse precisely in their homes. When a performance, which conveys the trauma, anxiety and shame after a rape takes place with someone's home as a stage, it is experienced that the discomfort is intensified. At the same time, it contributes to a unique context for the audience. The message reaches the audience without the filter that a traditional stage/venue can create. The performance is performed without recorded sound/music, and does not require technical equipment such as stage lights or the like to be able to be carried out. This version was first tested in Malmö (SE) in 2019, and has since been explored in private homes in Bodø, Tromsø, Tjøtta, Kragerø, Oslo, Rennebu, Stjørdal, Kabelvåg and Henningsvær.


In 2024, Thomas of Norway is offering five performances. The project is reaching out to residents of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. Performances are available between April 1th and November 1th 2024:

  • Open deadline - first comes, first served! 

  • Total of five performances available 

  • Persons with interest in the project, can fill out an easy application form at the bottom of this page

  • To be considered, you must be a resident of Nordland, Troms or Finnmark 

  • As a host, you dont have to pay to get the project to your home

  • To be considered, you must be 18 years or older 

  • The tour is funded by the Arts Council Norway and Thomas of Norway





A home visit consists of two parts: showing of the performance When Boys Cry, and a conversation after. The performance lasts for about 45 minutes and the conversation usually takes about 1 hour. It is important that anyone interested in the project reads about the performance before submitting an application. You can find information about When Boys Cry here

Once you have submitted an application, Thomas of Norway and the team will look at your application. All applicants will get a response by e-mail. If we can offer you the performance, you will have 7 days to reply back to us. We will then continue by inviting you to a digital meeting via Zoom or by phone. When we have found a date and time for the event, our team will arrange for travel and accommodation

On the day of performance, the team will need access to the home 2-3 hours before the event starts. It is important and helpful if you as the host are present at this time, so that we can make any adjustments together (move the expensive vase on the floor, or put away the carpet you inherited from your grandmother, etc.). Together we make a plan,  you can ask questions, and you get to know the team a little better.

The team consists of Thomas Voll (choreographer and dancer) and art mediator Kristin Risan or art historian Øystein Voll. Based on availability, you will meet either Kristin or Øystein. You can read more about them below. 


  • Are you performing with music?

    • No, the performance is without music 

  • I live in a very small apartment... How much space do you need to dance?

    • The performance is adjusted to your home, and all home sizes are welcome! It´s in the projects nature to discover and explore the performance in various sizes and surroundings. 

  • How much time do I need to set of for a home visit?

    • The performance takes 45 minutes, and the conversation after aprox. 60 minutes. The total duration for the event will be around 2 hours. I addition, there will be need for some time to prepare (2-3 hours), and we will of course clean up after us! 

  • Can I decide who gets to come?

    • As a host, you are free to decide who the audience is, and how many people you are comfortable with in this context. It could be invited persons, or you can choose an open event where anyone can join. 

  • Does the audience need a ticket?

    • No. In other to make the event and the project more available, it is free of charge for the audience. 

  • How can this be free of charge?

    • The project is financed by the Arts Council Norway and Thomas of Norway.

  • Why does one need to be 18 years or older to get a visit?

    • It is due to the performance´s nature, and that the performance contains strong images. 

  • Is there an age limit to be an audience?

    • Yes. The recommended lower age for audiences is 16 years of age. 

  • Why does the team consist of two persons?

    • The team consists of one dancer and one mediator. The mediator is present to assist with practical arrangements, and is also in charge of the conversation after the performance.  

If you have any questions that is not answered above, You are welcome to contact Thomas of Norway via e-mail:







Between 1997 and 2021, Kristin Risan worked as an art mediator at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter (NNKS) in Svolvær, with the whole of Northern Norway as a working area. In her work, she has met more than 100,000 children, and collaborated with at least 200 artists in around 600 large and small communication productions.


Kristin has received the King's Medal of Merit, and awards from both Nordland County and Vågan Municipality for her work. 

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Øystein Voll holds an MA in art history from University of Oslo and NTNU Trondheim. Øystein has years of experience as a mediator in the nationwide programme The Cultural Schoolbag (DKS), with productions from the National Museum, Art Museum Nord-Trøndelag, North Norwegian Art Museum and Lofoten International Art Festival.


Øystein is also an author and writer, and writes exhibition texts, artist portraits and art critics. He also have wide experience as a producer.

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