You will find stories about mermaids and mermen in all cultures and in many folklores, and for me these stories followed me trough my childhood. Stories told by local fishermen about creatures with alluring voices and beautiful eyes. With a body of half human and half fish. 

In my childhood I was bullied and humiliated at school because of my fascination about the mermaids, and it came to a point where I totally stopped sharing. I stopped drawing mermaids, I stopped showing any signs of my passion. But stopping did not remove my inner merman and at one point, as a grown up, I started to live out this passion again. In the beginning it was private and closed, not to be shared with the world. I made my very own merman tail at home of silicone, and proud as I was of what I had created I took the creature out in public. Out of my safe home and out to the world. But still I didn’t want anyone to know. I went so far that I removed all of my hair, a big part of my identity, to keep it as secret as possible. The need to get out there was so huge that I was willing to change my look. Out of fear.

Out of fear of being humiliated. Once again. 


After a while I created an Instagram account for my project and I never showed by face. I always made sure to place myself in a spot where the observer could not come without getting wet, and in a position where my identity was not exposed. And in any weather. 


After a while I started to share my passion with people close to me and the respond was overwhelming. I then decided to challenge my fear and go public, also with my name and face on it.


Time stops. It´s like the silence under the water creates a timeless experience, where I don´t have to achieve anything. If I meet someone it will be a fish and the fish don´t care about my body. If it is good enough or not. It don´t care about social status or how many likes you got on your latest feed in social medias.  It simply gives a total fuck and swim along without caring. 


Thoughts become silence and impressions strengthened. Slowly your senses change. 

Listen. Look. Quiet.

Now and then I can hear the sound of a boat engine in distance and the peace is disturbed for the short time it takes the boat to pass. The visual experience is pure beauty. Untouched and powerful. Down here you won´t find any political parties or right handed extremist groups. There is no hate and no need to assault. No crazy world leaders. No #Me2 issues. Just peace. Of course, In the ocean you will find danger but not created danger, only instincts. 


Everytime I disappear in this creature and under the surface, I experience peace. 


Since 2017 I have popped up at various locations with the creature. From Bangkok in Thailand and Kalsoy in the Faroe Islands to Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea. 


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