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Would you like to experience a live dance performance in your own home? Or maybe you know someone who might want to? Thomas of Norway is currently looking for private hosts who wish to open their homes for the project The Home Edition. The project is an artistic research that aims to explore how the choice of room/space/venue affects a performance - both for you as an audience, and for me as a choreographer.  

The frame for The Home Edition is the solo dance performance When Boys Cry. The performance is about trauma, fear, and when boys are victims of rape. The performance is based on my own story and was performed for the first time (as a stage version) in 2016. When Boys Cry is Thomas of Norway´s most performed work with performances both on national and international stages. The concept of The Home Edition premiered in 2019 in Malmö (SE), and we managed to perform in Oslo and Trondheim area as well before the Covid-19 pandemic put the work on hold. As of May 2022, Thomas of Norway aims to start this research again, with Nordland and Troms & Finnmark as the project area. The project runs from May 01st to September 30th. 

When Boys Cry portrays minutes, days, and years after. The performance has received very good critics and is described as brutally honest. The aim of When Boys Cry is to put rape and sexual abuse on the agenda and raise awareness, about the fact that boys and men also experience rape and sexual abuse. With this work, I want to open up for conversations and reflections. You can read more about When Boys Cry here.


The Home Edition explores the performance in relation to alternate performance spaces. Traditional theaters are replaced with more everyday settings. How does the choice of performance space affect how the performance is seen by an audience? How does this choice affect the performer? A home is a place where we need to feel safe. But for some people, the home might be the most unsafe place to be.


Thomas of Norway is looking for private hosts in Nordland and Troms and Finnmark. The performance is free of charge for you as a host, and you will of course get to decide if the event is an open one (for everyone who wishes to come), or a closed event (for people you invite). You do not need to worry about if you have space enough, as this is a part of my research! Homes of all sizes are welcome! 


The audience is seated in your home as natural (on the couch, on the chairs around your dinner table, etc), and the number of audiences is up to you as the host to decide, based on capacity and what you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that we want to keep the home feeling as authentic as possible - so you do not need to add extra chairs/seats in addition to what you normally have. Due to the performances nature, it is not recommended for children and youths. The age limit for children and youths in this context is 16 years of age. The performance is performed without recorded sound, so there is no need for any kind of sound equipment. We use the light that is natural in your home, and try to keep your home as natural as possible. To be accepted for performance booking requests, you must be at least 18 years old.


Do you have any questions? Please visit the FAQ and see if your question is answered already. If you need to get in contact with Thomas of Norway, please feel free to write to mail@thomasofnorway.com. Please do not use the form below for questions, as this is created for performance requests only. 

When Boys Cry / The Home Edition is supported by Scenekunst LOVE, and financed by a member grant from Forum for nordnorske dansekunstnere (FNND).


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